Communication is our daily needs. Our success and our interpersonal relationship is influenced by our communication skill. Then how to improve our communication? See the following tips

  1. Pay Attention to Others

Communication is two ways communication. For a better communication, sharp your awareness and understand what other people feel. When, communicating, focus your attention to the person in front of you. Grasp her/his feeling trough his/her eye contact and gesture. Then give response based on his/her showing emotion. See this website for more elaborate explanation on non verbal communication

  1. Give Encouragement

Naturally, human want to be valued and encouraged. When communicating with others, say encouraging and motivating words. Make your partner feel welcomed and valued. But, try to be sincere. Your sincerity will be expressed though your eye contact, voice tone and your body language.

  1. Be A Listener

Listen carefully to what your partner say. Understand every word and non-verbal language your partner expressed. Get engaged in their condition. Sharpen your empathy. Make your partner feel heard and understood. It is often that we get lost in our daydreaming when listening to others. You should never do this!

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