Our success in applying a job relies on our qualification written in our Curriculum Vitae (CV). Then how to create an outstanding Curriculum Vitae? Check this out!

  1. Search for a Curriculum Vitae Format

There are various curriculum vitae format. Survey the working place/program that you want to apply and search for its typical Curriculum Vitae. Create and adapt your CV based on the required format. Here is one sample of an excellent CV format.

  1. Write a Detail Description

When describing our achievements, responsibilities, or other part in our CV, try to be as detail as possible, but keep it brief. For example, don’t write “Win National Social Innovation Competition.” Instead, write : “Win National Social Innovation Competition (100+ participants competed). You can find more samples here.

  1. Avoid Mistakes

After you write your CV, double check it. Make sure there is no typo, all the punctuations are correctly written. If necessary, send your CV to be proofread by others. Remember that your CV represents you as a person. So, make it as perfect as possible.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start writing our Curriculum Vitae. Check your CV quality by applying to Youth Excursion 2017. Visit Youth Excursion Beijing and Youth Excursion Taiwan.