Do you have difficulty in managing your financial, youth leader? Take a look at these tips below:

  1. Plan and Write Your Expenses

Plan your monthly expenses. Determine your monthly need starting from transportation, accommodation, books, health and many more. Make sure you don’t spend money aside from your planned expenses. Don’t forget to write your expenses daily in order to evaluate your expense.

  1. Daily Saving

Every day, allocate your money for saving. The saving amount will not matter as long as you maintain your discipline in saving your money daily. Then put a deadline for withdrawing your daily saving. You could set it in a month, 6 months or a year. Never withdraw your money before the determined time!

  1. Prime Shopping Time

Search information on discount period. Usually, stores offer big discount of their product on discount period. Be aware of this information. You can follow stores official account for more detail discount information. Go shopping at this time could save you quite a money.

  1. Financial Knowledge

Get yourself educated on finance! Learn the key to a stable finance through reading or asking an expert. Moreover, you can learn more about your finance skill level through this game.

Let’s practice the above tips for a better financial life. Visit this link for more practical tips for youth!