On November 18th, 2016, 36 Asian Youth learned Business through company visit in Seoul Global Startup Centre held by Indonesia Global Network (IGN), an organization which is initiated by Indonesian Youth. In realizing its vision to empower youth through social, culture, entrepreneur and education field, IGN brought out the theme of “Innovative & Creative Industry for Development”.

Taking place in Seoul, the company visit which was part of Youth Excursion program, had three speakers from Seoul GSC, one of whom was Jay Kim. In line with the theme of the company visit, in the opportunity, Kim talked about “How to Build A Startup.”

According to Kim, there were five necessary elements in building a start up, which were idea, people, product, money and customer. The whole elements were necessary to build a start up. But, the initial basic was the idea. From the idea, start up tried to solve the people’s need. Then to realize the idea, it was necessary to build a perfect team consisting of persons in their own expertise such as technology, finance, marketing and such.

Moreover, product was the third important element needed to fulfill customers need. About money required as the capital, Kim recommended the youth to search any possible ways to find a capital which involve getting a loan from bank, pitching, and borrow from families. Then she also stated the importance in attracting customer.

At the end of the session, Kim encouraged the participated delegates to build a start up in order to make a better world. “We make something really nice for the world and society. There are many possibilities we can make a better world,” said Kim.