Hello Youth Leader! For you which are eager beaver to the planet environment issues, Eco-generation would like to announce the call for applications for the 18th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors Program. If you never heard about it before, Eco-generation Regional Ambassador is an elite position awarded to the youth aged between 13 and 24 qualified to represent Tunza Eco-generation. Eco-generation Regional Ambassador Program provides exceptional experiences with the opportunities to actively plan, to execute or participate in various environmental awareness programs in each region and country.

About the programme:

  • As a representative to Tunza Eco-generation, Eco-generation Regional Ambassador must embody the spirit and values of Tunza Eco-generation. Eco-generation Regional
  • Ambassadors must take on various roles to promote and raise environmental awareness for each region and country they are representing.


  • All Tunza Eco-generation members aged between 13 and 24 (as of the date of application deadline)
  • Young people who are enthusiastic to spread news and stories about their local environmental issues at a global level.


  • The 18th Eco-generation Regional Ambassador’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Ambassador’ or ‘Ambassadors’) shall be in the position for 6 (Six) months from March in 2017 until August in 2017.


Criteria Application Form Activity Point
70% 30%
Details – Motivation

– 6 (Six) months coverage plan

*Click here to see the ‘Guide for the Activity Point System’.
Notes – 6 (Six) months of coverage plan should be stated based on the concrete action plans.

– Any false information on an application form can cause disqualification or cancelation of position even after being selected

– Eco-generation team shall strictly disqualify any candidates who have accrued the points in an unfair way.


19 February 2017
See more: http://tunza.eco-generation.org/ambassadorInfoView.jsp