Youth Excursion, during its company visit to Seoul Global Startup Centre, invited CEO of Globs, MinYoung You, as one of the speakers. Bringing up theme,Innovative & Creative Industry for Development”, Indonesia Global Network, the organization who held the company visit, aims to excel and educate Asian Youth in preparation to face the occurring ASEAN Economic Community.

The company visit itself was followed by 36 delegations from Asia. From the number, 31 delegations came from Indonesia, 2 delegations came from Myanmar, 1 delegation came from Malaysia, and 1 delegation came from Vietnam.

During the company visit, Kim, the alumni from University of Nottingham, shared her experience in establishing Globs, a startup which aims to help and connect students who want to study abroad. Kim also explained the detail of her start up, starting from logo, brand color, target customer, brand design, and also the mechanism of her product.

Comparing to the two other speakers who mainly talked about theory, in her session, youth was able to learn from direct experience. After the session ended, the participated delegates actively asked questions related to build a business, which showed their enthusiast to the topic. Unfortunately, due to time limit, not all of questions could be accommodated during the event.

Moreover, the company visit, which was organized by committees came from various ASEAN countries, was only a part of Youth Excursion program. Aside from the symposium, the delegates also learned from other various program such as Leader Challenge, Market Research and Business Analysis, International Symposium, University Visit and also Culture Show. This series of programs were purposely designed as a way to develop Asian youth.