Hello Youth Leader! Currently PT Pertamina (Persero) is carry out the national competition for innovative young people, named Pertamina Energy Crazy Idea Competition 2017. It is a competition of innovation around business ideas, breakthrough products, and the application of technology themed New & Renewable Energy or the New & Renewable Energy (NRE), which can have a positive effect on the nation’s social and economic Indonesia.This competition is a place to explore and develop innovative ideas nation’s work related to new and renewable energy / business new and renewable energy (NRE) by means of mentoring to financing, so the innovative idea of the winner eventually realized to be a business model the energy which able to be developed and implemented as a substitute for conventional energy in Indonesia.


The 1st Winner: Rp.101.000.000, –

The 2nd Winner: Rp.85.000.000,-

The 3rd Winner: Rp.67.000.000,

Participant Eligibility:

The participants in the competition which consisted of students, professionals (academics, researchers, practitioners, workers) and business entities (Start-up) will be challenged to create innovative ideas and business concepts related to new and renewable energy.

The Competition Categories:

  • Innovative Business Ideas: The idea of business innovation around NRE which will have a positive impact on the social and economic. The business idea must also be equipped with the business models and business plan that illustrates the competitiveness and must comply with regulatory conditions and developments in technology today
  • Breakthrough Products & Technology: The idea to create a product NRE as a solution to national energy security with a positive impact on the environment, human resources and business. In addition the innovative ideas can also be measured in business development and the development of future technologies, and is capable of producing energy conservation that can be replicated on a commercial scale.


5 March 2017

Official Website: http://pertaminaidegila.com/