IPC (Islamic Paper Competition) 1438 AH is a Holly Qur’an essay competition initiated by KINI (Kajian Islam Nurul Ilmi / Islamic Studies Nurul Ilmi) from Departement of Chemical Engineering FTI-Surabaya Technology Institute. IPC is one of events sequence in KIA (KINI In Action) 1438 AH. IPC deying the qualify participants to create an essay based on the Qur’an verses. The participants is challenged to arguing their analysis of “interprete” the Qur’an verses as the problem solved according to the essay theme.


  • 1st winner: IDR 4.000.000 + Trophy IPC 1438 H + National certificate
  • 2nd winner: IDR 2.000.000 + Trophy IPC 1438 H + National certificate
  • 3rd winner: IDR 1.000.000 + Trophy IPC 1438 H + National certificate
  • Best posterwinner: IDR 5.000.000 + Trophy IPC 1438 H + National certificate


  • Active student from arround Indonesia universities
  • A team consist of 2-3 students from the same university
  • Each participants are not permitted to be member of different team
  • Each universities are not permitted to sent more then 1 team
  • Each team are permitted to submit only one essay
  • Every enrolled team aren’t permitted to change the team member during the event


1 February 2017 (registration and abstract submission)

Download the guideline here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw-B_hQwroFdOTNWaTExdUU2LTA/view