Education is a big step and decision for our future. Therefore, choosing what major to take or which university is the best is highly important, right? Surely, all of us want to enroll in the best education institution of a high quality and there are a lot of best places to study out there.

Among your study choices, why not considering to pursue your study in South Korea? Based on MCB News, in 2015/2016, South Korea education system is the best in Asian Countries, followed by Japan in the second place, Singapore in the third place and Hong Kong in the fourth place. It makes Korea is a worth-considering place to continue your study.

For scholarship, you don’t have to worry as there are various scholarships available in Korea. One of which is Government Scholarship, a scholarship provided by Korean government. This scholarship consists of general scholarship, training, student exchange, scholarship for science and engineering students and other type of scholarships. For more information, you can open Study in Korea website, the official website of Korean government :

Here is more detail information about Korean Government Scholarship Program.

  1. Korean Government Scholarship Program

It is a scholarship you can consider! This program opens for both undergraduate (170 persons) and graduate (700 persons). This scholarship covers airfare, resettlement allowance, living allowance, medical insurance, language courses, tuition fees, award for excellent Korean language proficiency, research support, printing cost, and completion grant.

 2. Korean Government Support Program for Foreign Exchange Students

It is an exchange program which will give you amazing experience of Korean culture and education! The program could be in one term (4 months) or in two terms (10 months). The scholarship covers living expenses, settlement allowance, reimbursement of round-trip airfare, and medical insurance.

3.Support Program for Self-financed Students

If you fund your own study in Korea and show an excellence academic performance, you should apply to this scholarship. Open for approximately 200 foreign students, this scholarship will give the scholarship grantee 500.000 won with the maximum scholarship amount given is 6.000.000 won. The application of this scholarship will be opened in February.

4. Korean Government Invitation Program for Students from Partner Countries

You can apply to this program if your country is Korean Partner Countries. Open for 60 university students from Korean partner countries, and 60 high school students from schools offering Korean language course, this eleven days program includes special lectures, visiting historical sites, universities, and other interesting cultural activities. If you got accepted in this scholarship, you will get round trip air ticket, accommodation while you are in Korea and traveler’s insurance. However, you should bear your own visa fee and transportation fare in your country.

  5. GKS for ASEAN countries’ Science and Engineering Students

For you who are passionate in science and engineering field, try applying to this scholarship program. This 6 weeks program usually runs from July to August. The selected 120 students will get round-trip air ticket, traveler’s insurance and room and board during the program.

Each of the scholarship usually opens in certain period. Make sure you have noted the application period of the scholarship you want. Also, prepare for the requirements needed for the scholarship you would like to apply. Good luck, youth leader!


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