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Tokyo 2019

"Enhance the Knowledge of Japan’s Advancement and Historical Value"

20th - 23rd November 2019


Why Tokyo?

Tokyo is Japan’s Capital and World’s most populous metropolis. It is offering not only leisure and entertainment but also the wide variety of culture, and long built of history. Tokyo is home for some of the best universities in the world as well as many world’s well known brands and companies. Therefore, by combining all the values, International Global Network brought Tokyo as one of the host of the prestigious Youth Excursion 2019, titled Youth Excursion Tokyo 2019.

Your Awaited Experience


Tokyo Education Tour

Education Tour is an agenda to visit and get to know about educational things in Tokyo. In this agenda, Youtexian will visit some of the best universities in Tokyo. These universities are Tokyo University and Waseda University


Tokyo Heritage, Traditionality & Tourism Trail

During the Heritage, Traditionality & Tourism Trail agenda, Youtexian will visit some of the places which has the heritage and the historical value as well as becoming the main attraction for the tourist while visiting Tokyo. The place which will be visited during Youth Excursion Tokyo is is Asakusa (Sensoji Temple).


Symposium of Youth Excursion Tokyo

Symposium will be held in a conference room around Tokyo. There will be 2 speakers who will share their knowledge and experience based on their background and topics with theme, “THE FOUNDATION OF JAPANESE LIVING AND DEVELOPMENT”.


Tokyo Technology & Industrial Tour

During the Technology & Industrial Tour agenda, Youtexian will be given a chance to visit some of Japanese companies which has been known worldwide and will be accompanied by Japanese Intrepreters. These companies are Panasonic Center Tokyo dan Clean Authority of Tokyo - Ariake Incineration Plant.


Tokyo City Challenge

City Challenge is an agenda which allows Youtexian to visit the Highlighted places of the city and do various challenges and activities. For Youth Excursion Tokyo, Youtexian will visit some places, which are Odaiba, Harajuku and Shibuya.

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In this program, youth who have a passion for business and entrepreneurship will come together and are expected to collaborate with each other.


Education Exchange

By joining YOUTEX, future leaders will be given a chance to learn about education in Japan. They will visit some universities in Japan. The series of activities include campus tour, mini-symposium, and discussion.

Hotel & Restaurant


The purpose of this program is to enhance the leadership spirit among young leaders in the hope of becoming an example for them as well as the world. They are also expected to bring many benefits to humanity and the world.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange

The cultural exchange is one of the programs offered by YOUTEX. It is basically a program held in a certain country, where the participants from all over the world exchange their national cultures.


Time Agenda Venue
10:00am-02:00pm Airport Assistance Airport
02:30pm-05:00pm Check In Hotel
06:00pm-09:00pm Opening Ceremony Hotel
Time Session Venue
07:08 am - 08:00 am Breakfast & Preparation Hotel
08.00 am – 11.30 am Tokyo Technology & Industrial Tour I Destination
11.30 am – 12.30 pm Lunch Break Venue
12.30 pm – 04.00 pm Tokyo Technology & Industrial Tour II Destination
04.00 am – 08.00 pm City Challenge Destination
08.00 pm Back to Hotel Bus
Time Session Venue
07.00 pm – 08.00 pm Breakfast & Preparation Hotel
08.00 am – 11.00 am Education Tour I Destionation
11.00 am – 12.00 am Lunch Break *Confirmation
12.00 am – 02.30 pm Education Tour II Destination/td>
14.30 pm – 17.00 pm Heritage, Traditionality & Tourism Trai Destination
17.00 pm – 09.00 pm Symposium & Closing Ceremony Venue
21.00 pm Back to Hotel Bus
Time Session Venue
08.00 am – 10.00 am Breakfast & Check Out Hotel
10.00 am – 14.00 pm Airport Assistance Hotel

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