Rizkya Ardani Hadiniswara is a high school Indonesian student who had been selected as the delegate of Youth Excursion Seoul- Korea, 2016. The girl who actively participates in competitions and organizations had said that she joined Youth Excursion because she is very interested to learn about culture, social, and technology, especially culture.

There were only two high schoolers in the program, the first was Hadiniswara who attended SMA 70 Jakarta and the second was Andini Rahmanita Nur Fadhilah who attended SMA 8 Bandung. Most of the other delegates were university students or fresh graduates. The delegates came from various countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

During the program, the delegates were divided into three groups as most of the activities were done in groups. Hadiniswara was the member of the third group, the Deoksugung group. The other members of the groups were Win Maw Oo, Fakhrul Hasbi, Rizkya Ardani H, Annisa Dewi Fitriani, Nadhira Mushallin, Dheanda Ayudipa, Thai le Nam Phuong, Natasha Stellaritami, and Ratih Kartika.

One of Youth Excursion range of activities was Market Research, a program specially created to improve youth entrepreneurship skill. The places observed during the program were three well-known shopping sites in Korea, which were Dongdaemun, Myeongdong and Namdaemun.

After observing the market, they were required to present their Market Research result in front of other delegates and judges. Hadiniswara, along with Fakhrul Hasbi, were chosen to present the market research result.

During her presentation, Hadiniswara concluded that Seoul was a metropolitan city and there were a lot of spots for teenager. Moreover, she also stated that, there were two kind economic interactions in the market, the first was between seller and the product and the second was between the customers and the product.