Hello Youth Leaders! If you want to experience Korean Market, you could try visiting Myeongdong Market! It is one of well-known and busy market in South Korea. This modern shopping district offers various products starting from fashions, jewelries, restaurants, and especially beauty product.

If you have limited budget, no need to worry because the goods are offered in various price. You could choose whether to shop in the street or in branded store. Also, if you are searching for fashionable clothes to fill your wardrobe such as shirt, bags, or shoes, this is the right place you should visit. More importantly, in this market, there are many Korean make-up stores in Line, just the right place to find a high quality Korean make up.

One of another best part of Myeongdong market is its Korean Street Food. At the evening, after tired of shopping, you could rest your body while enjoying Korean Food like Tteobbokki (spicy rice cakes), Hotteok (sweet Korean pancake), Eumuk Guk and many more. Moreover, if you have never been there, just search for the tour guide wearing red clothes. No worry of getting lost!

Thus, if you currently thinking of a Business Model Canvas, conducting market research in Myeongdong will be a worth-spending time.

Let’s explore Myeongdong Market with YOUTEX!