Passport, is a green little book that contain your nationality information and your traveling history. You may have a dreams to travel overseas as a backpacker, study abroad to build your country, whether representing Indonesia in world conferences or sport competitions,  this is an IMPORTANT book for your dream!

Okay, there are simple principles in making passport : prepare, patient, and honest. Those principles will be explain below.Prepare, You’ve to prepare!, document, money, and time.

How to apply

An application for a new Indonesian passport will require completion of an application and payment of fees. For further details and other travel related information, contact the consular section of the Indonesian embassy or the Indonesian consulate nearest to you.

For Indonesian citizens who are domiciled or located in the Territory of Indonesia, fill the form and attach the requirements:

  • Valid ID Cards(KTP) and still valid or resi request ID Cards(KTP);
  • The Family Card;
  • The birth certificate, a marriage certificate or the marriage book, diplomas, or letter of baptism;
  • A permit from the competent agency for who will be work overseas;
  • Letter of naturalization Indonesian for Foreigners who acquire citizenship of Indonesia, through naturalization or submission of statement to choose citizenship in accordance with the terms regulation of statute;
  • Rename determination letter from the competent authority who change the name.

For Indonesian citizens are living outside Indonesian territory, fill the form and attach requirements:

  • ID Cards local state, evidence, instructions, or description which indicates that the applicant residing in the country; and
  • Old passport

Now, you can create your passport by online registration and it can save yourself lots of time and hassle, then follow this easy step by step guide:

  1. Go to immigration website
  2. Click the online application (Layanan Paspor Online), which is going to bring you here:
  3. Prepare all your documents (ID Card, Family Card and Birth certificate / graduation certificate / marriage certificate in soft copy (you can simply capture it with your phone because they ask for a JPG file).
  4. Fill in the online application form and upload your documents. It contains Payment Confirmation, you have to pay Rp 360.000 via BNI (check your email, you will get form for doing payment to the Bank and you have to print all forms)
  5. After doing payment, you will get an email for log in your account . At the end you can pick a date to come to the immigration office by yourself.
  6. After you finished your application, you will get the receipt for your online application submission with a barcode and other basic information. Don’t forget, you need to print this
  7. Arrive early, like at 8.45 am in the morning. Oh ya, another important things: do not wear a flip flop, wear proper clothes (this means do not wear shorts and t shirt, but you can still wear jeans and a shirt)
  8. Go to the registration locket, get all your supporting docs verified by the immigration officer and get your statement letter there from them as well
  9. Hand all copies of your document to the immigration officer, IMPORTANT : you must bring original document (KTP, bith certificate, family card, certificate of education). If you don’t bring original and copy forms, your data will be rejected with the officer.
  10. Have your photo taken and do the biometric scan
  11. Then finally the interview. They will basically ask very common questions. For example, why you are doing a passport extension? Where are you planning to go? And bla bla.. Answer all the questions wisely and I am sure you will be fine. :).FYI, if you want to go abroad for join discussion, conference or youth activity, LIKE YOUTEX, kindly you bring LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE (LOA) for ensure the officer. Believe it, it’s quite difficult for interview if you want to make your first passport and you’re still student 😀
  12. All done! You can collect your new passport after 4 working days with bring your payment receipt

So, don’t procrastinate yourself to create your own passport. Remember, that it takes several times until 5-7 days from first step until you can get your passport. So, what do you waiting for ? create your passport, create your journey to going abroad !