Did you know that there a so many beautiful places to visit in this beloved country? How many places that you know? And how many times you’ve already travel to this country? I’ve listed 8 Beautiful Places in South Korea for you that love traveling or for you that love a beautiful view of natural winder. Check this out !


  1. Sambuyeon Falls – Gangwon Province

#Korea Sambuyeon Falls

Legend has it that a dragon once flew out from this 20-meter-high waterfall in the Gangwon Province — that’s why the name of the nearby village Yonghwadong begins with the character for dragon.


  1. Gobungun, Changyeon – South Gyeongsang Province

#orea Gobungun

These ancient tombs from 5th and 6th centuries. There are approximately 180 tombs in this are in South Gyeongsang province that are close to the main road and very easy to access


  1. Hapcheon Darakon – South Gyeongsang Province

#Korea Hapcheon Darakon

The terraced rice field of Hapcheon in South Gyeongsang Province are such a wonderful view of Nature. Thin and long terraced rice field like these are calles “darakon”, a North Korean term.


  1. Changgyeinggung

#Korea Changgyeonggung

Was built in 1483 by King Sejong, Changgyeonggung was typically used as the residential palace for queens and concubines of the Josen Dynasty. Admission is ₩10,000 ( $9 ), the same ticket can be used at Seoul’s four places, Deoksugung, Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, as well as Jongmyo Shirine.


  1. Gochang Dolmen Site

#Korea Gochang

Dubbed “The Stonehenge of Korea”, there are more than 400 dolmens ( Stone graves built during the prehistoric era ) at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. And also There’s a dolmen museum on this site.


  1. Hamdeok – East of Jeju Airport

#Korea Hamdeok

Hamdeok is a small seaside village located 30 minutes to the East from Jeju Airport. Beautiful fields of rapeseed flowers cover the landscape in Summer, but play the second fiddle to Hamdeok’s sapphire beach, a popular kayaking destination with calm water and a beautiful sea side view.


  1. Yonghwa Beach – Samcheok City

#Korea Yonghwa

This Samcheok City beach has a fragrant of pine tree forest and a stream running alongside it, making for a shaded happy holiday with the choice of playing in Seawater or Freshwater


  1. Sehwa-ri – Jeju Island

#Korea Sehwa

Seagulls flock to this small white beach placed on Jeju Island, especially in Winter. The road from Sehwa-ri to Seongsanneup is home of fabulous sunset is beloved by the locals for its pretty scenery.




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