Vocabularies are fundamental aspect of a language. Speaking, listening, writing and reading, all of them need vocabularies mastery. Then how to memorize English vocabularies easily? Read these tips below.

  1. Write Vocabularies Lists

Write down vocabularies you don’t know in a piece of paper. Write also the meaning along with the vocabularies. Put the vocabularies lists in places you easily see such as in the bathroom, near your mirror, in your desk, anywhere you like. You could also bring the list along with you wherever you go. Seeing the vocabularies everywhere will ease you to recall and memorize them.

  1. Learn Context and Connect

Maintain your memory of English vocabularies by knowing the context of the words. For example, in the following sentence : “Mary is a kind girl. She loves helping people.” Let’s say you don’t know the meaning of “kind”. But you can guess the meaning of the word through the followed sentence : She loves helping people. Thus, try getting the context of the word and connect it with your daily life for a longer memory.

  1. Practice

Practice using vocabularies in writing and speaking. Write a sentence or story by using the vocabularies you have just memorized. Try speaking using your new vocabularies. By doing so, not only you will remember the meaning of the vocabularies but you will also know the use of the words contextually.

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