Indonesia Global Network, an Indonesian-based organization initiated by Indonesian youth, held a Company Visit to Seoul Global Startup Centre, Korea. Bringing up “Innovative & Creative Industry for Development” theme, in the company visit, there were three representatives from Seoul GSC, one of whom was Danny SungJong Kim.

During the Company Visit, Kim introduced Seoul Global Startup Centre (SGSC). According to Danny, SGSC is a platform which helps foreigners to build their start up and realize their start up ideas. Seoul GSC also offers 24/7 office space equity-free seed funding in forms of vouchers and monitoring and consulting services. At the past, foreigners were having difficult time in establishing business in Korea due to several problems such as language, visa, law, and other administration problems.

The existence of SGSC is a big help for foreigners in building their start up in Korea. “So, we’re gonna, we want to help them to build their start up so the other things like law and all that I’ve said, we can help them so they can focus on their business. They can use all their time to development their business,” Kim said.

Moreover, Kim also explained that Seoul GSC also welcomed anyone who was interested in building their business like foreigner, college student, citizen who wanted to know more about start up or interested in build a start up. They would be divided into certain segment and then SGSC will help them based on their problems.

At the end of his presentation Danny stated, “From different country, people come here and to get something valuable and something good like for making a better world, so I really glad to have you guys here look for and we can make something really awesome together.”