Zun Lynn Tun, a student from Mahidol University, Philippines, stated that if Korean wants to expand their market into other Asian countries, they should produce more product variation. She and her team run into this conclusion after directly observing Korean Market in threes famous Korean shopping centres : Dongdaemun, Myeongdong and Namdaemun on November 17th, 2016.

Tun, who represented her team, presented their market research result in Youth Excursion Seoul-Korea 2017 Program, a program initiated by Indonesia Global Network, an Indonesian-based organization established by Indonesian Youth.

“They have potential to expand the market into the Asian countries,” said Tun during her presentation. In order to expand Korean powder product to a wider Asian market, one strategy offered by Tun is to produce a darker powder variation as in some countries, the Asian skin is darker.

Tun’s team was not the only team who presented their market research result. There were also other teams who presented the result of their market research. All of them were the delegates of Youth Excursion Seoul Korea 2017 who came from ASEAN countries.

The market research itself was part of Youth Excursion activities in Korea which was held on November 14th – November 19th, 2016. Aside from the market research, the delegates joined other various activities such as Company Visit, International Symposium, Culture Show and City Challenge.