After conducting observation in Hong Kong city, four ASEAN youth, Ahmad Zain Fahmi from Indonesia, Ignatius Ivan Hartono from Indonesia, Tanty Riyani from Indonesia and Nguyen Minh Tam from Vietnam, concluded that Hong Kong was a leading country in education, technology, and economic. They presented their observation result in Hong Kong, November 24th, 2016.

 The four youth were delegations of Youth Excursion Hong Kong 2016, a program which was initiated by Indonesia Global Network, an Indonesian-based organization. This program was followed by delegates coming from 7 countries, which were Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Coming from different nationalities, the four delegates showed their team work and leadership abilities well during the Youth Excursion program. During the fifteen-minutes presentation, the four delegates which were the member of Sheung Wan group, delivered their idea excellently. They brought up idea on how Hong Kong education, technology and economic could be implemented in Asian countries.

“The first benefit is the good system here. Well, so many country in ASIA region are still confusing their curriculum but how Hong Kong as the leading country for the other country  in ASIA region, they will have a role model on how to make a great curriculum in their country because Hong Kong have a really good education system,” said Tanty Riyani, student from Padjajaran University.

Aside from their group there were also other three groups who presented their observation result, namely Wang Chai, Hung Hom and Shim Sha Tsui. The presentation session was only one part of Youth Excursion program. During the five days program, the participating youth followed  tight and interesting activities to build their capacity such as Company Visit, International Symposium, and City Challenge.