On November 21st-25th, 2016, 18 Youth Excursion delegates who came from 7 countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan learned in Hong Kong. As one of developed countries in Asia, Hong Kong offers a wide field of learning but in that opportunity, the youth mainly focused their study in education, economic and technology only.

The three learned-fields were in line with the vision of the program organizer, Indonesia Global Network, which was to bring together young people all around the world to cooperate in social movements, business, technology and culture to get to know each other and bring changes for a better world.

The vision of Indonesia Global Network is then embodied in various activities which were carefully designed to develop and empower youth. Those activities were International Symposium, Group Presentation, Focus Group Discussion, Company Visit and Hong Kong Culture Experience.

“I feel very honored and blessed to be part of Youth Excursion 2016. It’s an honored and privileged to meet Asian youth leaders as well as ASEAN youth leaders”, said Brian Ellis D.L. Castillo, a delegate from Philippines.

Aside in Hong Kong, Youth Excursion program has ever been conducted in several countries such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The five days event invited three speakers for its International Symposium session, which were Reinhart Tantra, President of Indonesia Student Community in Hong Kong, Henry Lee, Country Manager of AIESEC in Hong Kong, and Marcel Ekkel, consultant, trainer, and senior practitioner in project management, and strategy execution.