Whether you are a native or a non native speaker of English, presenting is always challenging.  In order to deliver the presentation well, you will require confidence and preparation! See these tips below for a more confident English presentation.

  1. Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath before your presentation will reduce your nerve and improve your confidence. Additionally, when you get nervous, your heart will beat faster and so does your breath. The worst is, presenting while you feel nervous will reduce your performance.

Before starting your presentation, close your eyes and slowly inhale the air. Feel the oxygen flow in your lung and in all over your body. Hold your air for a moment, and then exhale. Repeat this step over and over until you gain control over your nerve.

  1. Never Stop Practicing

Feeling nervous of diffident at the first time you give a presentation is just so natural. All that you need to do is to practice over and over. Once you get used to give a presentation, your nervousness will slowly disappear and you will finally get a confidence. You will get used to speak in front of public, and even enjoy it!

One best way to practice is to speak in front of the mirror. While practicing, you can pay attention to your appearance, facial expression and your gesture. If you find any improperness in the three, revise it. Another effective way to practice is by learning the common sentences used in presentation such as opening sentence and closing sentence.

  1. Learn and Master Your Presentation Material

One most important point of giving a presentation is to master your presentation material. This is the main point in giving a presentation. Although you are confident and don’t get nervous at all, if you don’t learn you material, your audience will get nothing from presentation.

Moreover, learning and mastering your material will also improve your confidence. Additionally, the best way to learn your material is by delivering your material to others. Our brain absorbs what we learn better when we teach it to others. Also, this way, aside from learning, you can directly practice your presentation.

In brief, preparing and practicing before your presentation will bring you an excellence presentation! Never stop learning, youth leader!