Gender equality is one of several problems up to this century. Many movements are being made to solve the problems of gender equality, included the HeForShe solidarity movement which was created by UN Women. The movement provide a systematic approach and targeted platform where a global audience can engage and become change agents for the achievement of gender equality in our lifetime. This requires an innovative, inclusive approach that mobilizes people of every gender identity and expression as advocates. HeForShe invites people everywhere to come together as equal partners to craft a shared vision of a gender equal world and implement specific, locally relevant solutions for the good of all of humanity.

Several important fields becoming concern of the action, there are:

  • Education, is not only a human right, it’s also the most effective way to grow economies, create healthy communities, and eliminate inequality. HeForShe believes that every child has the right to an education – it empowers us all.
  • Health, a gender equal world starts with an equal chance at a healthy, fulfilling life. But gaps in maternal health care, the devastation of HIV/AIDS, and the damaging effects of child marriage are robbing women and girls of this opportunity.* HeForShe believes we all have the right to make decisions about our bodies, our partners, and our families.
  • Identity, no one should be held back by negative stereotypes about who they are, who they love, or how they express themselves. HeForShe is working to expand human dignity and freedom for us all.
  • Work, by some estimates, gender equality in the workplace won’t be achieved until 2095.* That’s not good enough. HeForShe is taking action now for equal opportunity and fair pay.
  • Violence, every day in countries around the world, women and girls experience acts of violence ranging from online harassment to domestic assault and human trafficking. This has to stop. HeForShe is building a world where no one has to be afraid simply because of who they are.
  • Politics, despite advances, women are still underrepresented at ballot boxes and in state houses around the world. HeForShe is working to give everyone a seat at the table and make sure all voices are heard.

If you concern to the gender equality matters, take your action through