Hello, Youth Leaders! Let’s take a peek n Ameyoko Market, Japan.

Ameyoko or Ameyoyokocho is a famous market in Ueno district for its cheap prices. The market was initially American black market but now it is home to more or less 400 merchants. If you go there, you should do these or you will regret your experience!

1. Buy Cheap Souvenirs
In Ameyoko you could find various items such as clothes, jewelries, shoes, accessories and many more. The best thing here is it offers many discounts and the prices are open to be bargain. It is a perfect place to buy both food/cloth souvenirs.

2. Taste Halal Food
If you are a moslem and clueless where to find halal food in Japan, you could list Ameyoko in your bucket. Here, you can find some Kebab and Chicken Stall.

3. Experience Fresh Donburi
Donburi (rice bowl with topping) is well-known in Ameyoko street which varied prices started from 500-1000 yen. There are many varieties of topping such as beef, tempura, scrumbled egg, vegetables and many more. A must-try menu for you!

See you in Ameyoko Market, Youth Leaders!