There are so many kind of Modern or Traditional food in Australia. the question is, how much do you know about it? if you don’t know much about Australian food, don’t worry. Maybe My 5 Australian Food part 1 will Help you out.

  1. Wichetty Grubs

#Australi1 Witchetty grubs

The most authentic of bush tucker, the grub is a nutty-flavored bite that has been enjoyed by  indigenous Australians for thousands of years.

The wider Australian nation has often struggled with eating it raw, the fact is– it actually tastes very good.


  1. Anzac Biscuits

#Australi1 Anzac

Associated with Anzac Day on April 25, the biscuit is a crunchy commemoration of the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought in World War I. It’s Australian food with a back story.

The Anzac biscuit was made by wives during the war and sent to soldiers, because the basic ingredients (rolled oats, flour, sugar, desiccated coconut, golden syrup, butter, bicarbonate of soda and water) were able to keep for a long time, even on long boat journeys.


  1. Lamingtons

#Australi1 Lamington

The lamington is often referred to as the “National Cake of Australia.” The National Trust of Queensland even named the lamington one of Australia’s favorite icons.

This square-shaped sponge cake is coated in a layer of chocolate icing and desiccated coconut.

It sometimes comes in two halves with a layer of cream or jam in the middle. Found commonly throughout cafes as a perfect accompaniment to tea and coffee, it’s also often baked for fundraisers


  1. Balmain Bug

#Australia Balmain Bug

A species of slipper lobster that lives in the shallow waters around Australia, the flattened small-scale fish has no claws and only its tail contains edible meat.But like a lobster, it’s worth the slippery fingers and dining dedication.

#Australi1 Balmain

  1. Iced Vovo

#Australia1 Iced Vovo

When former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd mentioned Iced VoVo in his 2007 election speech, he single-handedly cemented the biscuit’s place in Australian folklore.

The wheat-flour biscuit with a strip of pink fondant on either side of raspberry jam and sprinkled with coconut is a sweet, soft and crunchy mouthful.


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