Hello Youth Leaders! Participating in International event is indeed a great opportunity for us to develop and increase our skill in order to compete in this rapidly changing world. But, sometimes the fee is just so expensive. We have to pay the registration fee, accommodation, visa, and many other needs.

You don’t need to worry as you can start your fundraising by sending your fund proposal into these five potential sponsors.

1.Find Possible Companies

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Usually, every company always has Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, which is a program implemented by companies as a responsibility act of its stakeholders which includes customers, employees, shareholders, communities as well as the surrounding environment. Each company usually has its CSR specification. For example, PT Telkom focuses on education project; Pertamina focuses on education, health, society and environment, and many more.  This is a highly potential place for you to search for funding. But, make sure that your Fund Proposal is in line with their CSR specification.

2. Search Fund in Your School/Campus


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You can try your opportunity in your School or Campus. Usually, school or campus allocates a sum of money in support of the students’ development. Some school or campus cover the total cost needed for the event, but some only give certain amount of money. Surely, it’s worth-trying.

3. Go to Your Local Government (PEMDA)


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When you are joining international program, it means, either directly or indirectly, you are representing your region. Thus, you can also try searching for some support to your local government. The form of assistance given could vary. Some give money, some cover the flight ticket, some also provide local merchandise such as traditional food or craft.

4. Personal Network


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If you have any network with public figure, or any people that could be asked for assistance, do not hesitate to contact them! You could first explain your aim in joining the International event, your vision, your dreams, and who knows that they are moved to fund you!

5. Airlines


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Sending your fund proposal into Airlines could be a perfect idea to cover your airfares. When your airfares are already covered, you can just focus to other preparation.

Those are five potential sponsors you can try to reach. Don’t forget to keep your spirit, patience and hope. Surely, the doors will open for those who seek.