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Youtex Program

What is Youth Excursion?

Youth Excursion (YOUTEX) is one of the events conducted by International Global Network. The program features an excursion concept that allows youth to learn and develop their skills through direct experience. Basically, it provides a platform for them to learn through cooperation, collaboration, and experience-sharing with the experts in an international-scaled program.

I am not a student, can I apply?

Nonstudents can also apply as long as you are aged 17-27 and have strong motivation.

I am not fluent in English, can I apply?

Sure. Fluency in English is not a must. However, you need to write a motivation letter in English which may affect the selection process. Bear in mind that you can participate in YOUTEX as long as you are aged between 17-27 years old.

Where will Youth Excursion (YOUTEX) take place?
Youth Excursion (YOUTEX) will take place in Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Turkey.
Does it mean that if I join YOUTEX then I’ll be visiting all countries on the list?
No. However, if you wish to visit all those countries, you need to make the payment for each event.
When will the registration for Youth Excursion (YOUTEX) be opened?
The registration will be opened from May 20, 2019. Youth Excursion (YOUTEX) will offer the full accommodation package only.
How many participants will join Youth Excursion (YOUTEX)?
Youth Excursion (YOUTEX) will only accept 50-150 participants (depends on the visited country).
How to complete the payment?

First, please visit this link
Second, choose either Presale, Early Bird or Normal Payment.
Third, choose either one of the payment methods (You may fulfill the payment in 2 installments payment). Then, fill the payment form and click Place Order. Finally, click Proceed Order and choose a payment method (You may use Credit Card, Internet Banking or ATM).

What are the benefits of this event?
    • Develops participants’ skills through cooperation, collaboration, and experience-sharing with the experts by adapting excursion concept.
    • Gain understanding about ideation and real action needed for being an entrepreneur to support other young entrepreneurs.
    • Build networking with parties in different countries so that they can be inspired to become great leaders in their fields of interest.
    • Cultural exchange that helps build the relations across nations stronger and to give a deeper understanding towards diversity of culture.
Is the flight ticket included?
The flight ticket is not included in the accommodation. Therefore, all participants are required to arrange it by themselves.
Is this program legitimate?

Yes, this program is trusted and legitimate. You can find testimony from the participants who have joined this program in the past on our website. This program is organized by International Global Network, a company that focuses its vision on developing the younger generation. You can visit the website for more information about the organization.

What are the requirements to join this event?
All individuals within the age of 17-27 years old may apply to this event.
Is this event fully funded?
No, this is a self-funded program. Therefore, you need to prepare your own funds.
Is there any refund if my visa is rejected?
It is explained in the Letter of Acceptance that, based on the terms and conditions, the fee is refundable, yet you need to confirm D-45.
How can I communicate with other participants?
We have several platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, used by the participants to communicate with each other. You will also be invited to a designated Whatsapp Group right after making the payment where you can find participants from your country as well. No need to worry.
What is the dress code that I should pay attention to?
We suggest you wear casual attire because we will be moving from one place to another, but in some occasions, such as Closing Ceremony and Cultural Performance, you need to wear attire that is appropriate.
I am too young. What if my parents want to accompany me? Will they be provided with accommodation?
If your parents wish to accompany you, then they need to manage the accommodation by themselves since the accommodation in this program is only provided for the participants.
At what time will the airport assistance be available at the airport?
The airport assistance will be available at the airport from 9 AM to 5 PM. If you arrive earlier than the designated time, we suggest you wait until the airport assistance arrives. If you come late, we do apologize that you need to manage your own transportation to reach the hotel. However, you need not worry as the committee will always guide you through Whatsapp or any other communication tools.
How to get a visa?
We urge you to do some research beforehand regarding the visited country’s policy. Should you need a visa to visit it, we will provide an invitation letter and hotel reservation voucher for this program as supporting documents to process it at the embassy.
What will you get?
You will get airport assistance, online contact service, three-time meals, certificate, full LO team, awards for the winners, and event kits.

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