Monday – Friday, November 21st – 25th 2016 Hong Kong

REGISTRATION FROM 02st August – 30th September 2016
This activity is aimed specifically for young people aged 17-23 years who have a passion about ENTREPRENEUR, SOCIAL PROGRAM, CULTURE and ready to become part of the ASEAN youth Community.

Youth Excursion program allows students from ASEAN countries to gain amazing experience. Our program development model is for youth, by youth – encouraging participants to share knowledge, experiences, and a passion for ASEAN issues

Registration open until:









    • In order to provide strategic platform for ASIAN youth to learn and enhance concepts and understanding about the ideation and real action that we need to do through discuss with some experts.


    • To meet ASIAN youth with government, university and entrepreneur from ASIAN countries to knowledge them about how to become great leader and young entrepreneur success in order to support ASIAN Economic Community.


Monday – Friday, November 21st – 25th 2016 Hong Kong



·         Airport Assistance

·         Check In at Hotel

·         Welcoming Gathering and Dinner

Invitation : PPI Hong Kong


9 am – 2 pm

3 pm – 5 pm

7 pm – 9 pm



·         Breakfast

·         Opening Ceremony (Embassy)

–          Grand Speech The Representative of Indonesian Embassy

–          Official Opening of “YOUTEX Hong Kong”


–          Grand Speech Technology Expert*

–          International Business Expert*

–          ASIAN Studies Expert

·         Project Presentation Session

·         Focus Group Discussion


7 am – 8.30 am

9 am –  11 am



1 pm – 3 pm




3 pm – 4 pm

4 pm – 5 pm

3rd·         Breakfast

·         Leader Challenge

(Education & Culture, Science and Tehcnology, Bussiness or Social Entrepreneur)

·         Group Discussion

·         Final Group Presentation (Video)


7  am – 8 am

9 am – 1 pm


2 pm – 5 pm

7 pm – 8 pm



·         Breakfast

·         Company Visit*

·         Hong Kong Culture Experience

·         Closing & Dinner



7 am – 8.30 am

9.30 am – 11 am

11.30 am – 5 pm

7 pm – 9 pm


5th·         Breakfast

·         Check Out

7 am – 8 am

11 am

*Company and speakers are to be confirmed soon

Day 1 : Monday, 21st November 2016

Airport Assistance at Hong Kong International Airport

Airport assistance is an assisting set-up from the committee for all delegates. The assistance will be from Hong Kong International Airport to Hotel. Assistance means that some of committees will be in airport to guide the participants to come in the check-In point by using public transportation. 

Check In

It will be in Hotel* at Hong Kong. Check in is a registration for the accommodation of the delegates.

*venue is to be confirmed soon

Ice Breaking and Dinner

In this session, the participants will gather in one place then the committees will give ice breaking games so that the atmosphere among the participants will be more conducive and dynamic. There will be invitation PPI Hong Kong and International Student Community  who will also give a presentation. All participants are allowed to discussion and built networking with them.


Day 2 : Tuesday, 21nd November 2016

Opening Ceremony

It will be held in Indonesian Embassy. Opening Ceremony is an official ceremony in which welcoming remarks from authorities for all delegates will be delivered. The details of this session include:

–         Grand Speech from the Representative of Indonesian Embassy

–         Official Grand Opening of “YOUTEX Hong Kong” Committee


The Asian International Symposium will be held in Hall. In this session, the invited speakers will share and give their experience, views and opinions about The Role of Asia’s World City Development in Global Occupation to all participants. Some interesting topics are going to be discussed. The prospective speakers will be :

Speaker options :

  1. Financial Services or Business Expert
  2. Innovation & Technology Expert
  3. Education& Culture Expert

*Companies and speakers are to be confirmed soon

*all speakers are to be merged and subject to change

Project Presentation Session

The participants will be given a chance to present their project and action plan which they are going to implement in Asian Community. Their presentation will be discussed and supervised by prospective stakeholders who will be our partners. The Project will be divided into 3 subthemes:

  1. Education & Culture
  2. Science and Technology
  3. Bussiness or Social Entrepreneur


Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

Participants of similar backgrounds or experiences will be gathered to furthermore discuss specific themes in their expertise. Each group of participants will be guided by a moderator (or group facilitator) who leads the discussion. This FGD sessions need to be prepared carefully by seriously identifying the main objectives of the meeting, determining key questions, developing an agenda, and planning how the technical leader challenge will be.

Day 3 : Wednesday, 23rd November 2016

Leader Challenge

The participants who are divided into 3 group themes will visit specific place based on their subject. They will do three kind of activities “ Visit, Ask and Report”.  Participants are given Leader Challenge Kit to complete their task. Some interesting places that are going to be visit are:

1. Education and Tourism

-University of Hong Kong

– Hong Kong City Hall

2. Science and Technology

–         Cyberport

3. Bussiness or Social Entrepreneur

–         Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

–         Social Enterprise HSBC

(*places are to be confirmed soon)

Final Group Presentation

Group Discussion

The group of participants are given time to prepare their final presentation and make their best presentation based on their finding in the fields.

Group Presentation (Video format)

The group of participants will be given a chance to present their result of Hongkong Leader Challenge and action plan (in video format) based on their subject and finding in the fields. Their presentation will be discussed and supervised by prospective stakeholders and enterpreneur who will be our partners.



Day 4 : Thursday, 24th November 2016

Hong Kong Company Visit

The participants will visit company in Hong Kong in order to enrich their knowledge about the business culture in Hong Kong. Some interesting activities are going to be scheduled

–         Exchange Exhibitions HK

Hong Kong Culture Experiences

The participants will go to some iconic tourism place in Hongkong. They will get some experiences about culture in Hongkong. Some interesting places which are going to be visited are :

–         Mongkok Area

–         Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade Area

–         HK Ferry to Wan Chai Pier

Gala Dinner and Closing Ceremony

In Gala dinner &Closing Ceremony session, the participants will look back at the moments during the event with a video and thank you speeches. Participants will wear their best clothes (suit or dress) and have an elegant dinner. Closing ceremony as well as giving the certificates to the participants by IGN officials will be done in this session.

Check Out Participant


Day 5 : Friday, 25th November 2016

Check Out

Participant will need to check out in advance before leaving the venue.

You Will Get

Hotel *3

Eat 3 times/day

Public Transportation

Fulltime LO Team

Professional Documentations

First Aid


Online Management

Continous Support



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