Aiming to accommodate ideas and aspirations from World Youth Leaders to allow exchange of knowledge and information across nations, International Global Network (IGN) gives 50 scholarships for outstanding youth from all over the world. This scholarship is expected to expand opportunities for passionate and outstanding youth leaders to get connected and collaborate with other youth leaders in international level.

The program scholarship gives chance for 50 selected awardees to join Youth Excursion free and fully-funded programs which will be held in 5 cities, which are Seoul-South Korea, Beijing-China, Tokyo-Japan, Kyoto-Japan and Hong Kong. Basically, the 50 quota of scholarships are divided into the 5 destined cities. Thus, each city opens for 10 scholarships: one full scholarship and 9 partial scholarships.

For the one full-scholarship, IGN will fully cover the flight ticket, accommodation and local transportation during the Youth Excursion program. Thus, the scholarship awardee doesn’t have to cover anything for the program. Moreover, for the other 9 partial scholarships’ awardees, IGN will cover the accommodation and local transportation for the program. Therefore, the awardees only need to cover their flight ticket to the program venue.

The scholarship application will open around (March) 2017. In order to apply, the applicants should create and fill online registration on Youth Excursion website. Then, the participant should pay for the registration test fee. The next step is competing in online examination which consists of two tests, which are general aptitude test (100 questions) and general knowledge test (200 questions) which consists of 50 questions on social, 50 questions on economic, 50 questions on culture & history, and 50 questions on science. From the online examination, the best 10 for each city will be selected as the scholarship awardees.

This scholarship opens for youth (17-23 years old) from all around the world as the manifestation of IGN responsibility in creating a global-minded future youth leaders. IGN also carefully created an objective and transparent online test system for a fair judgment system for the applicants.