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International Symposium & Culture Show ASEAN + South Korea 2016 FREE ENTRANCE!


This November, YOUTEX will be flying together with ASEAN youth from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Filipina, and Vietnam to immerse with learning community in a city in a country of Ginseng that always makes K-Pop fan girls excitedly scream. Yap, Seoul!

Besides having participants learn from company visit, campus visit, and market research, YOUTEX Seoul 2016 will also allow them to learn from experts’ experiences in the Symposium and involve them to promote the culture from their countries in the Culture Show. Both Symposium and Culture Show will be held on 18 November 2016 from 9 AM to 5 PM Seoul time. YOUTEX Seoul 2016 will invite local communities and public in Seoul to perform and to participate in both events.

In the symposium, the speakers will talk on the theme of “Innovative and Creative Industry for Development” as Korea is a country that is well known for its creative industry. Meanwhile, in the culture show, YOUTEX Seoul 2016 participants as well as the invitee will be enjoying traditional dances from Indonesia and Malaysia also a folk song from Myanmar that will be performed by the participants. There will also be some art performances originated from Korea performed by local communities in Seoul which will be really interesting. As the culture show will bring up the friendship theme with tagline of “Let’s Connect with Your ASEAN Friends!, there will be an opportunity for participants and all who comes to interact directly through traditional games that will be played along on stage.

Through this event, all participants are expected to have new insights from the speakers and have cultural exchange  to respect the diversity of policy and culture owned by each country, and of course, to build new friendship between ASEAN and Korean people.


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Deadline : 14th November 2016










Symposium – Panel discussion – Culture show


09.15-09.30 OPENING Registration
09.30-09.40 Opening by MC
09.40-09.45 National anthem South Korea
09.45-09.50 Mars ASEAN
09.50-09.55 Indonesian Embassy of South Korea Speech*
09.55-10.00 Myanmar Embassy of South Korea Speech*
10.00-10.05 Philippines Embassy of South Korea Speech*
10.05-10.10 Malaysian Embassy of South Korea Speech*
10.10-10.15 SYMPOSIUM Opening by Moderator
10.15-10.35 Theme speaker “About South Korea” by Danny Sungjong Kim
10.35-10.55 Theme speaker “South Korea Development : Lesson to learn” by Cresti Eka
10.55-11.15 Theme speaker “Creative & Culture Industry as A trend” by Stella Park
11.15-11.35 Theme speaker “Creative Industry & culture for development ” by Jay Kim
11.35-12.05 Panel Discussion, Q&A
12.05-12.15 Closing  by MC and giving souvenir
12.15-13.15 Photo session & Lunch (Participants & Invitation only)
13.15-15.00 CULTURE SHOW Preparation for Culture Show
15.00-15.30 Opening by MC
15.30-18.00 Speech by Ministry of Tourism
15.30-15.35 Syafiq Sing Malaysian Song: Pantun Budi (Solo)
15.35-15.40 Syafiq feat Wardah  Sing song Satu Malaysia
15.40-15.45 Shinta Nastiti “Surabaya Sparkling Dance”
15.45-15.50 Win Maw Oo “Sing Thingyan Moe “
15.50-16.00 Indonesian Traditional Game
16.00-16.05 Dedy Safrizal “Playing Traditional Music Gambus”
16.00-16.10 Armie Elangga “Sing Philippines Folksong”
16.10-16.20 Myanmar Traditional Game
16.20-16.25 Veronika Yusvita” Indonesia Traditional Dance”
16.25-16.30 Philippines/Vietnam Traditional Game
16.30-16.40 Korean Traditional Game
16.40-16.50 Closing


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International Global Network

Level 23, Penthouse Plaza Marein, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav. 76 - 78, RT.14/RW.1, Bend. Hilir, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12910