February 13th - 17th , 2017, SINGAPORE

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OPEN REGISTRATION FROM 0ctober 20th – November 30th 2016
This activity is aimed specifically for young people aged 17-25 years who have a passion about ENTREPRENEUR, SOCIAL PROGRAM, CULTURE and ready to become part of the ASEAN youth Community.

Youth Excursion program allows students from ASEAN countries to gain amazing experience. Our program development model is for youth, by youth – encouraging participants to share knowledge, experiences, and a passion for ASEAN issues

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  • In order to provide strategic platform for ASEAN youth to learn and enhance concepts and understanding about the ideation and real action that we need to do through discuss with some experts.


  • To meet ASEAN youth with government, university and entrepreneur from ASEAN countries to knowledge them about how to become great leader and young entrepreneur success in order to support ASEAN Economic Community.

YOUTEX Singapore

“Learn from the Experts: What Business Leaders Need to Know”

 February 13th – 17th,  2017





·         Airport Assistance

·         Check In at Hotel

·         Welcoming Gathering and Dinner


9 am – 2 pm

3 pm – 5 pm

7 pm – 9 pm



·         Breakfast

·         Opening Ceremony

–          Keynote Speech : Representative of Singapore Tourism Board

–          Official Opening speeches from some of VIPs

–          Official Opening of YOUTEX Singapore Committee



  • Innovation and Technology Expert
  • International Business Expert
  • Inspiring Asian Youth on Business

·         Break and Lunch

·         Ideation Performance (Business Idea  Presentation Session)


7 am – 8.30 am

10 am –  11 am




11 am – 1 pm




1 pm – 2 pm

2 pm – 4 pm



·         Breakfast

·         Company Visit

Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiFT)*

·         Break and Lunch

·         Workshop        

“Lean Start-Up Validation with NUS Enterprise”


7 am – 8.30 am

10 am – 12 pm


12 pm – 1 pm

2 pm – 5 pm





·         Breakfast

·         Business Challenge (Market Analysis)

–          Bugis Street

–          Mustafa Center

·         Ideation War (Final Group Presentation)

·         Award Ceromony, Closing and Dinner



7 am – 8.30 am

10 am – 2 pm



6 pm – 7 pm

7.30 pm – 9 pm



·         Breakfast

·         Check Out

7 am – 10 am

11 am


Day 1st: Monday, 13th February 2017

Airport Assistance at Changi International Airport

Airport assistance is an assisting set-up from the committee for all delegates. The assistance will be from Changi International Airport to Hotel. Assistance means that some of committees will be in airport to guide the participants to come in the check-In point by using public transportation.

Check In

It will be in Hotel 81 Dickson*. Check in is a registration for the accommodation of the delegates.

Welcoming Gathering And Dinner

In this session, the participants will gather in one place then the committees will give ice breaking games so that the atmosphere among the participants will be more conducive and dynamic. All participants are allowed to discuss and build networking with them.




Day 2nd: Tuesday, 14th February 2017

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony will be held at Auditorium. Welcoming Ceremony will be an official ceremonial agenda to remark the beginning of Youth Excursion Singapore 2017.

–          Keynote Speech : Representative of Singapore Tourism Board

–          Official Opening speeches from some of VIPs

–          Official Opening of YOUTEX Singapore Committee

Youth Excursion Singapore 2017 International Symposium

The symposium will be held in Hall. There will be any speakers who will share and give their experience, views and opinions about business and leadership with theme “ENHANCING THE POWER OF YOUTH TO BUILD BUSINESS FOR THE FUTURE” to all participants. Some interesting topics are going to be discussed. The prospective speakers will be :

  • Innovation and Technology Expert
  • International Business Expert
  • Inspiring Asian Youth on Business

*all speakers are to be merged and subject to change

Ideation Performance (Ideas and Project Presentation Session)

Each Participants will be given a 5 minutes speech to talk about their ideas or current project from 3 topics of this program which are:

  • Education
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Business


Day 3rd: Wednesday, 15th February 2017

Company Visit

The participants will  visit company in Singapore (Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiFT)* and there will be speech delivered by Start UP Singapore in order to enrich their knowledge about the business culture in Singapore. Some interesting activities which will be conducted:

  • Talk About Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiFT)
  • Minggle with SiFT Start-UP
  • Company Tour

(*Companies and speakers are to be merged and subject to change)


The respective discussion will be based on the lean start–Up validation methods which they are going to develop a successful business plan. The discussion could be led by the top best one speakers.  During the group discussion, they have to formulate their action plan based on their discussed ideas in the outcome of PRESENTATION SLIDES. The Outcome of this activity must be used as basic fundamentals, supplementary information and additional knowledge in the next agenda : business challenge.

  • Interaction with local entrepreneur
  • Collective a name card
  • Make some idea and presentation
  • Validation Market

Day 4th: Thursday, 16th February 2017

Business Challenge: (Market Analysis)

Participants are divided into groups and they will be challenged to markets analysis. Some interesting places are going to be visit.

  • Bugis Street
  • Mustafa Center

They will visit, observe and make analysis.  Participants  are business challange kit (Lean Start-Up validation board) to complete their task. Participant will Identifying market need, size and competition in Singapore in order to enrich their network and knowledge about the business opportunity in Singapore.

Ideation War (Final Group Presentation)

The participants will be given a chance to present their project and discussion about the given topics. The project presentation session will be held at Auditorium. The presentation will be supervised by some experts and do the judgment. There will be an awarding session at the end of this agenda.

Award Ceremony, Closing and Dinner

Award Ceremony, Closing and Dinner is an agenda to mark the end of Youth Excursion SIngapore 2017 program and the begining of the Youth Excursion Singapore 2017 Alumni as a new family. Closing ceremony as well as giving the certificates to the participants by Indonesia Global Network  officials.

Day 5th: Friday, 17th February 2017

Check Out

Participant will need to check out in advance before leaving the venue.


Jackson Kwa

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at TechSociety Group

Topic: Technology Advancement in Singapore

Dr Irene De Pater

Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School

Topic: Education as Foundation to Creating Future in Business


You Will Get

Hotel *3

Meals 3 Times/day

Public Transportation

Fultime LO Team

Professional Documentations

First Aid


Online Management

Continuous Support



For 100 Participants


Qualify for Selection of Data


We sent a letter of acceptance to each participant who passes the selection of document. Then for those who have made the first payment will be included to the selected participant list. Due to limited places available, only registration with 30% of the total payment as confirmed on a first come first served basis.


if you want to try to find sponsors, please feel free to download the proposal event to support your document below.

Registered Participants

Thank you, and Keep Spirit Youth Leaders !

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