1. Find an “Back Door” Scholarship



The smartest way to get scholarship is finding a “Back Door Scholarship”. How to get it? You can try :

  • Try to Communicate with your destination University. Send a CV and Educational Background. Ask them if they open a line for independent scholarship.
  • Try to talk with the professor of your destination university. Find a professor who have written a books in your learned circle. Offer yourself to help his research, of course you have to describe your competence. And ask him to fund you a lecture there.
  • Try to talk your senior, who already study abroad. They certainly know how to get a “Back Door” scholarship.



  1. Don’t lose your confident. Make your intention straight and believe you can study abroad.

Multiethnic Group of Friends at Park


There are some of us that lose their confident to continue study abroad. maybe we start to feel we have a standard GPA, and lack of ability to speak English. That’s not an hard obstacle. There are so many of our friend who prove it that they can get a S-2 scholarship with a standard GPA and standard ability to speak English.


For example, Rhenald Kasali, a UI’s Professor. He can get an scholarship to USA with GPA score of 2,- and very minimum English ability.



  1. Make an Convincing Recommendation and Motivation Letter.



Recommendation and Motivation letter is a decisive point that very significant when you applying for scholarship. There are so many case when college student get a scholarship, even tough document test, written test, and interview test score is standard. The different is, he get a “Magically” recommendation and motivation letter that open the heart of the scholarship company.



  1. Talk with college student who already had a scholarship.


Happy group of students sitting at the park talking


This is important too, if you feel confused try guest the test question, you can ask a college student who already get that scholarship directly. You can get an useful tips, that you can’t get it so easily on the internet.



  1. Proactive Building a Relation



If you want to get an scholarship abroad, you have to know that “relation” is very important. Try to communicate with people who had a channel to many scholarship. Try too to make friends via Facebook with head of PPI ( Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia ) or the other in the different country.


Remember, you have to proactive. Don’t be shy to ask. Don’t wait a relation to came for you, but fetch your relation. with a relation, your way to get a scholarship will be more and more easy.



  1. Be accepted first, then find a scholarship.



This is a smart step to get a scholarship, but many of indonesian college student didn’t do this. If you’re already accepted in abroad University, your way to get an scholarship will be more easily rather than you have to apply from zero. You can ask for scholarship to Government,  private company,  etc.


You have to know, there are so many university who want to accept Indonesian college student without any complicated condition. You only have to send an document, pay the registration fee , and wait for the result. You don’t have to join the written test, even that there are some university that will give you a free registration fee.



  1. Preparation ASAP.



Make a preparation to study abroad as soon as possible. Start right now find as many as possible relation. start to join an scholarship organization. Try to talk with your senior or your friends who’s abroad. Prepare the TOEFL and other documents that will help you out.

Start to search for information about your destination university, as detailed as possible. Start your preparation right now. As soon as you prepare yourself, the higher your chance to get an S-2 scholarship abroad.