Tips Writing Curriculum Vitae or Resume. Curriculum Vitae or we know as Resume is quite unique in the process. If we make it to simple, we will marked as lacked ability person. But, if we make it too much, we will marked as arrogant person. Before we make CV, we have to know what the reader want to know in our CV. If we can predict that, we can make our CV more Focused. Do you want to know Tips Writing Curriculum Vitae or Resume? check this out !

  1. Academic Achievement or GPA.


A+ grade written on a test paper.

Of course. This will be the easiest point to see. Because the standard is quite clear. If your GPA is under the average, you just have to explain why it can be happened.


  1. College Study Duration.




We don’t need to pass quickly, but don’t take a long time too. Depending to our university and scholarship we want to take. Sometime, there is a condition max Graduate is 5 years. More than that, you’ll be crossed. And sometime there aren’t. Because, there are some course that S-1 can take with condition they are still college student.


  1. Scientific Work that has been Published




The scholarship awarding will consider scientific work that you have been published. Published in what journal, when, and what’s the Theme is. They do this because they can know how much interest and Competition you have in one program.


  1. Research that You Do Right Now.




You also have to write research that you do now. Or social program that you do with your friend. This is so important. Moreover for a scholarship that depend on project.


  1. Other Achievement that Support you.




There are a scholarship that like the applicant have a non-academic achievement. Based on the provided program. for Example, Fulbright. Applicant that have winning a leadership competition, make an organization, and the other more likely to be chosen. ‘Cause Fulbright are searching for  people who already graduated, can bring a big influence to their own country.


6. Interest.




From the other activity that you have, your development direction of interest will be seen. Moreover in that activity include the year, your journey of life can be read.


7. Commitment



CV will show what project that you joined. Part-time in A and B, Work in X for Z month. Of course it will be a question. How’s your commitment in that organization. Are you move on before you have done your work? If that’s happen, you have to explain why that’s can be happened. Give a rational reason and easy to understand.


  1. Character and Personality.




A little bit of your character can be seen from CV. Example, how much part you make it colorful. You can also choose an elegant Typography. They can judge you as an artistic person. Show a standard photo, don’t show your private collection with a strange post (like your finger in your lips). Because that will show you are not a professional.


9. Competition


Running businessman.


From your hobby, background study, your liked activity, they can guess what your competition is.  Either in public speaking, organizing, social talk, analysis, or writing. Anything that you think it’s was a plus point of you, just write it in your CV. But, you have to write it with a neat format, organized, and easy to read.


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