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Youtex Turkey

"Discover the Ancient City of Constantinople"

5 - 8 December 2019

Istanbul, Turkey


Learn How History & Culture Make Turkey A Home To 17 UNESCO Sites

Youth Excursion or rather known as Youtex is an educational travel programme that lets youths from all over the world discover more about history, culture, technology advancement, and entrepreneurial value of a certain country. At Youtex, youths can develop their network, broaden their knowledge, do cultural exchange, as well as enjoy a thrilling travel with tons of new friends.

This time around we chose Turkey as the host country of Youth Excursion 2019. But, what is special about Turkey? Turkey is a transcontinental nation straddling eastern Europe and western Asia. As a home to 17 UNESCO sites, Turkey definitely has tons of interesting sides worth exploring; starting from its culture, education, history to awesome attractions.

A mix of East and West in Turkey has given birth to colourful cultures such as Ancient Greek, Persian, Romans, Byzantine, as well as Ottoman empires. So, you obviously can’t deny that the cultural heritage of Turkey and its enticing background are two of the things that make Turkey a destination worth learning to either a seasoned traveller or first-timers.

Are you ready to fuel your knowledge by discovering more about Turkey?

Experience A New Way of Learning with Youths form Around The World.

So, You Already Have A Glimpse Of Turkey...

Now, you no longer need to guess what's so special about this particular nation. With YOUTEX, you'll get 4 core values which can, help shape your future for the better!


Education Exchange

Cultural Exchange


The young leader will have a chance to have networking with participants from different areas or countries, different backgrounds of interest, different students in unversity or with the entrepreneurship expert or enthusiast. This networking expected to make youth get more inspiration and connection to get closer to their future dream.

Experience A New Way of Learning with Youths form Around The World.

The 5 Most Anticipated Experinces You Will Have At YOUTEX Turkey

Istanbul Historical Sites Exploration

Enrich your knowledge in history and have a mirthful moment by visiting the legendary Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace!

Istanbul Market Research

You won’t only sit idle and listen to a lengthy speech. Youtex will make sure you always have something to explore! In this session, you’ll travel and learn more about Turkey’s market.

Istanbul City Challenge

Youtexians will be challenged to explore Galata Area & Taksim Square in Istanbul and discover its uniqueness. This session lets you stroll about the city whilst doing a set of thrilling challenges! So, get ready to face the excitement!

Istanbul Exquisite Educational Tour

Exceptional Educational Tour is an agenda to visit and get to know about educational stuff in Istanbul. In this session, you will visit two best universities in Istanbul and get accompanied by the ambassador of each university.

Symposium of YOUTEX Turkey

You will get experience an extraordinary travel with international mini-symposium wherein our two speakers are going to share their knowledge and experience in the Education and History department based on the the theme, “What Makes Istanbul As It Is Today?”

Experience A New Way of Learning with Youths form Around The World.

The 12 Extra Benefits You’ll Get By Joining YOUTEX Turkey

Just prepare your luggage, sit idle, and wait. We will prepare the pick-up assistance to take you from home to the airport.

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History Exploration I

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History Exploration II

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History Exploration III

05.00 PM – 08.30 PM

Market Research

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Excellent Educational Tour I

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Experience A New Way of Learning with Youths form Around The World.