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  1. Definition

YOUTEX Amnesty is a policy adopted by International Global Network (IGN) to assist and keep the participation status of Youth Leaders in YOUTEX programs and other IGN programs such as Sasambo and Asian Student Summit.

  1. Terms and Conditions
  • Eligible for participants who have made payment either the first and second installments or the full payment but cancel to follow the program due to particular reasons.
  • Participants do not ask for refund or pay back of registration fee payment.
  • The cancellation confirmation is one month prior to the program date.


  • The procedures for making claims of YOUTEX AMNESTY:
  1. Participants contact YOUTEX Official Participant Contact


Whatsapp : +62 859 6668 5674

Phone : +6221-7718344

  1. Participants attach proof of payment in the form of a jpg. / pdf.
  2. Participants apply for another new YOUTEX programs available in YOUTEX official web in