Wednesday, 8 February 2017

01.00 PM – 04.20 PM

Hotel Pudu Plaza Kuala Lumpur

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At present, competition in economic becomes one of the major issues in Asia. The open market from western countries has fostered Asian countries in establishing associations which focus on what Asia should do to solve problems together and strengthen economic power among Asian countries. The discussions are developed day to day crossing from field to field, from small to medium even to large scale. Everything becomes more related to the discussion; natural resources, environment, education, technology, socio-culture, and so on. Each field has its own problem that needs to be solved.

As youth from Asian countries, we have responsibilities and rights to contribute and solve the existing problems. Therefore, Asian youth leaders should be more aware of the recent condition happening in the world especially if they want to build good business in the future. They are in needs to explore their knowledge in leadership, entrepreneurship, and socio-culture to better understand the trend and finally prepare themselves for the competition.


Provide strategic platform for Asian youth leaders to learn, enhance, and understand about the ideas and concrete actions towards the most recent issues specifically on business, technology, and socio-culture through discussion with the experts.

Forms of Activity

The activity will be in form of seminar where speakers will be provided time to have a speech on certain topic. After the presentation, there will be Q&A session moderated by a person where participants can ask anything on topics presented in prior.


Aw Tai Hau

Topic: Professional Business Values in Real World

Aw Tai Hau  is someone who likes fashion very much. He used to change his glasses almost every year at his teenage age. But of course he would only grab the promotional items. In university time, he’s influenced by the start-up culture and involved in some project. Always having the urge to start his own business, he chanced upon the eyewear industry in 2014. In his backpacking trip to Europe, he saw that eyewear is part of the fashion accessories for the European. In addition, the success story of Warby Parker in invading the eyewear industry interested him. As such, he talked to his childhood friend Chaang Hoong to venture into Pott Glasses business. With his business, he has been nominated for Brand Yourself People’s Choice Award 2016 and won Most Stylish Award. Not only stylish, Pott Glasses is committed into charity work as part of its CSR to hand out free pair of glasses and the eye test to those in needs.

Dr Noor Sulastry

Topic: Developing Social, Cultural, and International Relations among Youths

Dr. Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  She holds a Doctorate Degree in Comparative Politics from National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2008. Dr. Noor Sulastry has been interested in political science and comparative politics throughout her academic career. Her interest in the field has evolved to a focus on local, South Korea and Japan politics, particularly pertaining to the political hegemony and youth political participation.

Her book “Hegemoni dalam Budaya Politik Melayu” have been published in 2014. Her latest book publication is “Sekilas Bicara Politik Malaysia” 2017. Her writings have also appeared in many indexed international academic journals and Malaysian journals. Dr. Noor Sulastry has been appointed as scholar/laureate of Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (2011-2012) and Research Fellow of Foundation of Research Transformation (FORT) from February 2015 until February 2016. Currently, Dr. Noor Sulastry is a Visiting Lecturer at Razak School of Government (RSOG).  Dr. Noor Sulastry has been working actively as columnist in local newspapers and magazines namely Utusan Malaysia, Harian Metro, Dewan Masyarakat and Kosmo!. Dr. Noor Sulastry has been interviewed by various media for her views on politics and youth. Dr. Noor Sulastry is also a member of Politics, International Relations and Security Cluster, Majlis Professor Negara Malaysia

Yusno Yunos

Topic: Technology Advancement in Malaysia

Yusno founded Y Us with an audacious vision to create a comprehensive event ecosystem that involves event planners, participants and suppliers. The enablers are Evenesis (, a complete cloud-based end-to-end event management system and Venueville (, the ideal venue deal maker. The company was listed as Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Innovative ICT Companies in 2014 by the Top 10 of Malaysia magazine while Evenesis has won multiple awards such as Winner of Malaysia INTEL APEC Start-Up Challenge 2013, Top 15 Companies under the Coach & Grow Programme 2012, two times winner of the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards in 2013 & 2011 and nominated to be in the list of Asia’s Top 50 Apps.

He began his career in the United States working as a web developer at Carnegie Mellon University, before returning to Malaysia to work with Tenaga Nasional Berhad. At TNB, he was involved extensively in solutions development and project management where he played a key role in the development of multiple projects and solutions such as the corporation’s CRM (customer relationship management) system, mobile field force automation and geographical information systems. He then moved on to another consulting firm where he was the Software Architect who produced variety of online branding/marketing solutions.

Mohd Fuad Mohd Noor

Topic: Startup Business: Challenge and Opportunities

An experienced PR & media practitioner for more than 10 years. Holding the Master Degree of Corporate Communication, he ventured into the public relations field in 2007 at international recording label, Universal Music Malaysia. He then moved to start-up company FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd (subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines System) as PR & Events Executive before joining Media Prima Digital (subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad) as Senior Executive, Marketing & Communications in January 2011 setting up vcideo portal Hong Leong Group then offered him to join their newly start-up ecommerce arm, as Assistant Manager, Public Relations in January 2015 before he left to setup his own PR & Marketing Agency, ARKADASH Kuala Lumpur in Sept 2015. In January 2016, he setup an ecommerce portal focusing on Muslims content – fashions, halal beauty products and accessories called as

Siti Amalina Ariffin

Topic: Startup Business: Challenge and Opportunities

A dynamic professional, who is well versed in the inner workings of various traditional and digital media related business platforms. Notable past experiences include managing online platform of Media Prima’s main programme and event microsites and video portals, assisting in the development planning of Astro’s online music download platform, and managing marketing campaigns for a few reputable magazines. Currently she is working on an online fashion hub called Roopawan that will rival the likes of Fashionvalet and Zalora. She is also a news presenter for Capital TV Malaysia.


The culture exchange is one of the programs offered by YOUTEX which is held in certain countries of YOUTEX destinations. This month, there will be one in YOUTEX Malaysia 2017. In culture exchange program, the delegates are exposed to the opportunity to exchange their national cultures by having cultural performances and exchanging cultural creative activities on stage. This program’s purpose is not only to give rooms for participants to showcase their love to their culture and promote the culture to the world, but also to let them understand the diversity of cultures around the world. The culture exchange may help to develop strong international relations between countries and within the world.


We are really glad to have participants who are not only bright, talented, and creative but also eager to show their culture to the world! Here are the outlines of their performances:

National Songs Vocal Group

This group would like to entertain all audiences by presenting a medley vocal performance in which they will sing traditional songs from various areas in Indonesia, start from the East of Indonesia till the West of Indonesia. You will note different culture in different parts of Indonesia. How fun!

Performed By: Rian Bahtiar, Zahratul Hayati, Nur Hayana, Huda, Shaza Faizah Mulaicim, Abiesa Analistiana, Meldi Latifah Saraswati, Farah Eka Dewi, Yuna, Anca, Thea Aldena Gisa Elnuar, Ajeng Permata, Ni Komang Sri Ariesti, Nur Arifan, Christianoko, Fajar, Andre, Umar

Enggang Terbang Dance

Enggang Terbang Dance is a traditional dance that is very typicial in ceremonies of Dayak Kenyah tribe, East Kalimantan. This was once believed to resist and treat disease as well as to be fulfilled in life. Now, it turns to be more popular and performed in customized dance accessories. The dance is often shown in special occasions in East Kalimantan such as in art events or festivals as to welcome the guests. This tells a story about in-group people migration of Dayak tribe from one to another place, however our delegate will do a solo stand just to show us the beauty of the dance moves. Something to never miss.

Performed by: Melinda Damayanti

Minangkabau Vocal Group

This group will perform the traditional songs of Minangkabau, a highland of West Sumatra island of Indonesia. The songs will be in traditional language which contain suggestions and advices that come from the old generation to the young next generation. This will truly show the richness and the wise of Indonesian old culture.

Performed by: Wahyu Ikhsan, Andre Tegar Aditya, Fizah Wahab, Lita Mailani, Aulia Fadilah

Sumbava Dance

Sumbava Dance is a newly created dance which is choreographed by a talented artist from Sumbawa. This dance movement originally comes from the lyric interpretation of Sumbawa song. This dance explains about the beautiful island of Sumbawa from various aspects. Every movement in Sambava dance represents the character of Sumbawa people who are friendly and peaceful. Every step of movements in this dance also show the elegance and beautiful of women and the strong character from men of Sumbawa.

Performed by: Citra Setyani Rini

Betawi Dance

Betawi Dance is one of the dances from Betawi tribe which can originally be found in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. This dance is commonly performed to welcome the guest of the State or in any ceremonial events. This dance is performed by a group of men and women of Betawi. A group of participants, both females and males, will show you how fun and youthful Indonesians people are through the movement in this dance. It will be fun-tastic!

Performed by: Eka, Maulana rizki, Reynaulhaq, Ahmad R. Harseno, Adi Saeoul Anwar, Davi Apriko, Devinta Cirly, Carol Surya, Muhammad Taris Hadyantama

Ondel-Ondel Dance

Ondel-ondel Dance is a dance that grows and develop within the community of Betawi people. This dance is commonly performed in the every event held in the land of Betawi such as weddings, festivals, and even small ceremonial events. Another fun and awesome movement from the land of capital city of Indonesia that will be performed as solo.

Performed by: Siska Rahmiati


17.35-17.45Performance 1: National Songs Vocal Group
17.46-17.55Performance 2: Enggang Terbang Dance
17.56-18.06Performance 3: Minangkabau Vocal Group
18.07-18.17Performance 4: Sumbava Dance
18.17-18.26Performance 5: Betawi Dance
18.26-18.37Performance 6: Ondel-ondel dance)

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