Prof. Dr. Md Sidin Ahmad Ishak from Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Md Sidin Ahmad Ishak from Malaysia

When the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is implemented in 2015, not only commodities and services will move freely within the region but also other products, including manpower. In this case, we must prepare ourself to improve the quality of its human skills, so that it would not serve as a mere market for other countries in the region. It should also become a big exporter of skilled workers. To allow equal and fair movement of manpower within the region, ASEAN needs to have commitment to prepare human resources. Therefore, standardization of human resources` competence should soon be prepared to shape the future of ASEAN in the face of globalized world. All ASEAN members should prepare skills, expertise and work competence standards.

AEC 2015′ is no longer a slogan but a reality that the region’s governments, businesses and people will have to embrace before the year is out. How ready are we?

Prof. Dr. Md Sidin Ahmad Ishak from Malaysia give a suggestion to youth for prepare AEC issue personal discussion with Youth Excursion committee.“As young people we should prepare to be aware of what’s going on” he said. Youth as the next generation must have critical and analytical thinking in technology and globalization. Beside that, young people have to learn their culture, people, polytic and be wise facing many issues.

Prof.Dr. Md Sidin Ahmad Ishak is one of speakers Youth Excursion in Malaysia, he said that Youth Excursion is one of best way to meet people from different countries to engaging people in ASEAN. This event has many activities for 4 days in Malaysia like market research, sympossium, company visit and learn about culture in Matic. The speakers not only from student in Malaysia but also ministry, NGO and CEO of startup in there.

We hope that all participants Youth Excursion can get many knowledge and experiences which can improve their softskill especially in leadership, entrepreneur, culture and they can implementing in their real life to make their country better than before.