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  1. Share your brilliant ideas about ASEAN Future with International Students.
  2. Get amazing experience to enhance your International Network.
  3. Exchange knowledge about leadership, entrepreneurship, culture and ASEAN community issues with university students in ASEAN countries.


One of the visions of YOUTEX is to increase the number of young entrepreneurs from ASEAN regions. The entrepreneur program is one way to implement our vision. In this program, youth who have passion in business and entrepreneurship from all over the ASEAN region are gathered and is expected to establish collaboration. Also, the participants of YOUTEX will have opportunity to visit various markets from different parts of the world as a way to observe business quality and marketing strategy directly. In a more advance observation, participants will be given a chance to visit big reputable companies all over the world. Through this program, ASEAN youth is hoped to increase knowledge in business and entrepreneurship in a global scale. Therefore, they will have the capacity to start and enhance their business up in the competitive international level.

Leadership & Social Program

The leadership and social program is the real implementation of our vision in escalating more leaders among youth in ASEAN region. Through this program, potential youth who has created and established concrete contribution in developing their region will be selected and assembled. This program is purposely created to enhance leadership spirit among ASEAN youth. Furthermore, the participants are expected to be the role model for youth and also bring benefit to humanity both in ASEAN countries and in the world.

Culture Exchange

Culture Program is one main concern of YOUTEX as culture is the most prestigious heritage of a nation. When people of different culture meet, conflict may occur. On the other hand, when the difference reach into an understanding level, people of different culture can collaborate in harmony. One aim of this program is to preserve and introduce the Culture of Native Country through youth representatives which are the role model of future generations in a cultural exchange program held in various parts of the world with the aim to strengthen the relationship and increase understanding between nations as a way to maintain a strong sense of brotherhood. Thus, through this program, we provide the participants a chance to perform and exchange their local culture as well as allow them to directly explore the culture uniqueness of the visited countries.

Youth Excursion (YOUTEX) program allows students from ASEAN countries to gain amazing experience. Our program development model is for youth and by youth

– encouraging participants to share knowledge, experiences, and  passion for ASEAN issues.

What People Say?

“I hope to greatly broaden my leadership abilities while also having an amazing experience and meeting new people.”



Yanarica — University of Surabaya

“I am very interested in international relations.”



Verelika Aulya Fatin — SMAN 20 Bandung

“We have to be prepared in order to survive in this competitive world.”



Ritsah Quranis — University of Indonesia

“I want to make a network with people across the world and have opportunities to learn and contribute to ASEAN issues and create impact on society.”


Ramlan Zuhair Pulungan — University of Sumatera Utara

“We have to be the best in every thing we do, I want to become an agent of change in order to build my nation.”


Nova Yolanda Rusdiono  — University of Lambung Mangkurat

“Principles of a leader is to inspire , move and act.”


Nafisah Arinilhaq — Universitas Islam Indonesia

“Asean Economic Community is not only about the knowledge but also a place for me to feel directly the atmosphere of AEC through this youth excursion.”


Mela Milani  University of Indonesia

“Devoted myself to become a lecturer in marketing for SMEs is my great ideal.”


Dika Setiagraha  — University of Sriwijaya

“I have a dream to be able to participate in international activities so as to compete in the era of globalization , especially in facing AEC.”


Annisa Putri Nur Bahri  — University of Indonesia


We are an organization of education with a goal to educate our nation’s youth through international programs. We want to encourage them to learn through cooperation, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge and experience from experts in the world.


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